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Miracle in a Jar?

Adding nutrients like essential fatty acids and antioxidants to our diets can take us a long way toward recreating youthful, healthy skin. Your choice of moisturizer can also have a huge impact on you

Company Profile: CanPrev

When Tanya Salituro founded CanPrev in 2005, she vowed to help Canadians have access to the powerful natural health tools and knowledge needed to be active participants in their own health. Now in its

Banana Chai Protein Shake

Serves 1 Add some spice to your post-workout smoothie with freshly brewed chai. Instead of brewing one cup of tea at a time, make a whole jug with half a dozen tea bags and store in the fridge for use

Future Thinking

Over a century ago, two British physicians prescribed fermented foods with friendly bacteria for mood support. The practice didn’t catch on. But modern research suggests they were onto something: the