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What You Should REALLY Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Toss aside that generic drugstore greeting card and dozen roses: it’s time to step up our Mother’s Day gift-giving game and think outside the (heart-shaped) box. Here’s your motivation—and inspiration

Take Exercise Indoors

If inclement winter weather is making outdoor exercise treacherous, bring your workout indoors. Set a new fitness goal to work toward for next spring.Cold, cloudy, rainy, snowy—winter weather is unins

Waffles and winter fruit spiced compote

Looking for an easy meal? Waffles lend themselves as a base for every meal of the day. Breakfast? Dessert? Lunch? Even dinner. In our version, we’ve covered breakfast, lunch, and dessert, serving this

Forget About It!

We often miss creative solutions to life’s challenges because we’re literally too smart for our own good. What if you were to see life through the eyes of a beginner? This is the Zen approach everyone

Tai Chi and Health

Over the last 20 years you may have noticed the emergence of early morning tai chi practices in your neighbourhood parks, beaches, and open spaces. Tai chi’s popularity is growing rapidly, largely due