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Beautiful Brows

\"Eyebrows are a powerful facial statement,\" says Jenna Treat of Rejuvederme Spa. Here she teaches you how to get the perfect eyebrows and other grooming tips.“Eyebrows are a powerful facial statement,

Matters of the Mind

From your joints to your gut flora, you’ve got your physical health covered. But have you thought about protecting your mind? Learn about four mental health concerns, your susceptibility to them, and

Crispy Winter Slaw

Probiotics are an essential element to a healthy-gut meal. We’ve tossed our healthy cabbage salad together with a dressing of probiotic apple cider vinegar. ACV keeps your digestive system running smo

Shades of Grey

Do you view the world in black and white? Feel like it’s all or nothing? Prone to making snap decisions? Struggle to see compromises? Learn about the importance of making space for the myriad shades o