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Take Exercise Indoors

If inclement winter weather is making outdoor exercise treacherous, bring your workout indoors. Set a new fitness goal to work toward for next spring.Cold, cloudy, rainy, snowy—winter weather is unins

Joint Healthy Exercise

Our joint-healthy osteoarthritis exercises will help your joints move more smoothly and increase your range of motion.More than 100 types of arthritis exist, affecting people of every age, physical co

A Week’s Celebration of Organic

During the ninth annual Organic Week—September 8 to 16—people from coast to coast are invited to participate in what has become a success story for Canadian agriculture that supports a healthy environ

Delicious Mini Zesty Date Cakes

The beauty of this sweet little treat is that it’s a recipe you can make from a well-stocked pantry. And even better: you can easily substitute with other pantry ingredients. For example, no dates in

Water Fitness

When temperatures soar, working out may be the last thing you want to do. However, a scorching summer day doesn\'t have to be a fitness death sentence—you can get your sweat on while cooling down in th